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Candidate for Lawrenceburg City Council – District 2

I am twenty-two (22) years old and was born and raised in district two. I received my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ball State University and an associate’s degree in Legal Studies from Ivy Tech. My Fiancé, Hannah Couch, and I purchased our home in district two in 2020 when I was twenty (20) years old. We are also raising my two younger brothers. Westyn is sixteen (16) years old, and Colton is fifteen (15) years old. Unfortunately, our parents struggle with addiction and that is an issue very close to my heart.


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We need more job opportunities that pay better salaries, which as of right now we are sorely lacking within District 2. Unfortunately, our current administration has failed to deliver on the port, the much-taunted Cancer Center, and the new hospital that will now be in Greendale. Our location should allow us opportunities for growth across the board.


I graduated from Lawrenceburg High School in 2019, earning dual college credits. I have witnessed the needs of our community and our schools alike. Our children’s needs for proper education and a safe environment should be our first and foremost priority.


The union’s way of life is sacred – it’s what has built this community, and it must be protected. All work has dignity and unions make sure that our checks and benefits reflect that. They also make sure union members are given more of a voice within the environment in which they work.


I will work with our community center and schools to develop programs that will provide childcare for working parents. For example, the after-school and summer youth programs could expand in allowed attendance to further support our greatest asset, our children. We need a solution so that parents have reliable, safe childcare options and are able to work hard and move their families forward.


We are lacking in senior housing, homeowner-occupied housing, and general affordable housing. This is an issue that has been a growing problem this past decade. Our current administration seems to only focus on the housing that is for citizens within a higher-income bracket. That is not working for the majority of families in our area that come from middle-income and lower-income backgrounds.


As mentioned earlier, my family has been touched by addiction. I would like to see all local recovery services expanded and more prevention through education programs at the youth level.